Yes, we never seem to have understood
it all—this falling in & out of love
that we screamed into each other’s throat
simoom that drove us once under the willows
shower of petals in our hair like tropic snow
silences that swallowed our silence
deeper into the belly of our fears:
Yes, our forest of thighs flowing a singular tear—
Is this for ever?  Who survives desire’s winter
that blasts most lovers to stone?
Does the sea still hum in our ears?
Who settles for horoscope & coffee
to map out strange signals, heart’s cartography?
Does the earth still move?
Until in one sudden summer waking—
a suddenness that is never sudden—
we journeyed like hotel guests
into each other’s eyes
to read how the seasons had long abandoned us
how we could only understand
how impossible it is to understand
this sudden falling in & sudden falling out
of love that once was terribly angelic, so real.

Yes, we must insist we shall never understand

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