4/Rosary of Summer

Still, the elemental points pissed & decreed
remain the hieroglyphs, rosetta of mysteries—

Land & Sea,
between us who dream of sad savage dreams
so we, prolix panthers of Neruda,
will not be savage, sad

Thus, we drum up spaces, monograms,
viaducts, traps & possible loss—
Ever fruits run through our fingers
like sand of time filtering through starfunnel:
O Must we flail at our tricks, skill?

Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete—
points of departure & return—
yet voyages all have never been the same, original:

We are ancient apparition
of ancient mariners
who gambled away their fortunes
sprung their Babylonian traps
scuttled in strange tabernacles
their own fiery bones__


Always infest the marsh of memory

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