8/24 Hours

The passengers yawn & giggle, as if this day will prosper:
But my horoscope proves the others’s gain:  I must, it says
remain patient, await my chance, give regards to brethren…
Ho-ho!  Funnies are the same old jokes, except the flap

That serves the point:  Beware, you’ll surely lose.  Thus
believing, I crumple the ticket I’ve solemnly spared
for the Master Inspector, who must needs inspect my face:
Nakabayad kana?  Saan ka bababa?  Jeez!  The teeth

Gnash in hounddog interest, but holding on, I court:
Ayos na, kulang pa nga ang sukli ng kundoktora, eh!
Conspirators swim the dense, shuffle about & sink.

Steel fords through the cracks of streets & men,
strides the wind that roams the firmament:  & ever human,
sneezing, I gather dust & in usual defeat hail to stop.

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