A beginning

A beginning,
a year plus
sign-off 30,
an end:
“emperor of ice-cream,”
with the icy flow
of names & years
down the chocolate cone
of times
that grow
like a cancerous mole
on my brow:
The whistle blows:

I always pack up
make for
the ticket counter

But my train’s long long gone:
& I lick

my foot
at the central station
two-penny brew:

The Master Inspector
slicks down his cap & hair;
he slams
the wide, grey
in my face

At 31,
this 4th of May,
Taurus, the House Zodiac,
In the year of the monk & the snake,
one thousand nine hundred
& seventy-seven

after Christus

I write,
as I have always written,
& shall always write,

to no-one in particular,

what has long been written
once upon a time

by wiser guys.

From Collection/ Rosary of Summer, 1977

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