“Are you talking to me.?”  She, sitting from across the long table, & he, standing somewhere else in her mind, know the imperfection of this art.  In these strange & accidental encounters, they also probe the words they use to probe the daily conversation of their days & nights—books, children, money, men & women of their private/public affection/affliction, et cetera; they also agree to agree that something good—something evil has been with them for a long time now—must happen after all; they never really pin down anything earthshaking, elemental—all truths are known, they who don’t know will eventually know—but the very truth of the truths they are telling.  So it is hoped: that in the telling in this imperfect art, their truths may meet in the very silence of their truths, their hands may finally touch, & they may finally realize that common human truths—of love, justice, hope, cliches all but nonetheless true—are what they must make of their imperfect lives.

Sometimes, the gods are merciful.

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2 Responses to Conversations/XXIX

  1. beatrixpg says:

    i’m my most obtuse today… obtuse? today? me? why? me today? my most? obtuse? obtuse: “incapable of ‘plumbing’ because without wrench for pipes,” obtuse? what obtuse? what pipes? “what?” wrnech, no wrench! “no, pipes!” nothing… nothing… pipes? nothing, no wrench, pipes, wrench, pipes, no nothing… “wrench” from the obtuse, haha! “what?” HA! the jolt!


    why the jolt “she/this ‘her'” and i have met? why jolt me?… me? no… no, yes, yes… me, obtuse? yet jolt yes… so am i? me? imagining things? me? am i, me? me i am of course, but imagining? me? but obtuse?! yes, yes? yes… even if the bespectacled rock god says “imagine there’s no heaven.” so therefore… inane, inane… inane…. inane? oh? but therefore that? therefore? therefore imagine there’s no “her/this ‘she'”! better? no?

    oh whose heaven again, what heaven? inane? inane heaven imagining her imagining heaven “this ‘she'”? inane? my imagining heaven-oh not heaven “this ‘she'”? your imagining her? “she/this ‘her'” and i meeting, inane? no heaven, no “this ‘her'” imagining heaven, no, inane, inane… inane… inane? oh imagining, imagining, inane no inane no… imagining, imagining, imagining… there image-ining… there… here… inane no inane no… oh? inane…? no… there, here imagining, imagining… there “she/this ‘her'” is… was… no? there yes imagining there… yes there, there! “what?!” …the jolt, the jolt!

    i know, i know…

    what? what… know? not?



    “yes, yes, yes…”

    inane, inane, inane…


  2. beatrixpg says:

    assuming i know “her/this ‘she,'” assuming, assuming… yes, me, me, assuming…

    i’ll tell “her/this ‘she'” your “hello”….

    (groping not for pipes… but for wrench… wrong pipes, WRONGER wrench!)

    –death of a plumber

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