New Language

“Y este que en este mundo traidor,
nada hay verdad me mentira, todo
es segun el color del cristal
con que se mira.”

Whom to believe then, sage?  Words fall off our mouths
like broken daggers.  & the heirs of II Prince, the Ax,
lacking the gift of tongue, dribble their tongues
& howl:  We are the Alpha & Omega.—Thus, O Mandarins,

How define the purer meaning of the act.  How fare if the
Inquisition, splitting hairs, denounce our humble bearing
an argument for order or learning.  They have set the habit
& the rule.  We huntsmen, devouring the root of figures,

Must therefore fall short of their holy dispensation.
Thus we who act according to ethics of clammy books
Do now pronounce every syllable & point foul to brook—

Emperors in their fatal wisdom have raped Apollo’s words
as to make men savages & ciphers, inconsequential fools—
Charging, disengage from custom:  pronounce the holocaust!

From Personal, Impersonal, 1975

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