Linear:  drew accordingly origins:  dry feathers turned in
Allegro’s sepulcher:  amazons scourged at wanton steps:
epileptics let loose in the forests howling like beasts:
We remembered our names & in cool passion manned the shift.

Delphic oracle on the forehead:  Tiresias on a crag screamed:
“Columns shall perish in the charge & dirge of massing tides!”
Storms thereupon broke & charlatans in monasteries genuflected:
Dead letters, names, Jordan scrolls, sestinas while a crown

Of blueblood O crept the fatal air, in search of Ananda’s way.
Adonai!  Shrugging legendary dangers off, we lost our shoes
in the craft of rivers, then beat a path through the animals

To our burning homes.  The journey was perilous.—Ambushes of
minds & this age that creates the hero’s limbs, magical fare:
The hour of angels strikes, anacondas ravage the old old sage!

From Personal, Impersonal, 1975

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