Still & all

Still & all, poetry must pump out blood & rules
Voyages of Galileo must be known by all
for only through Draco’s code is truth forged:
Add, maestro, this heart that regulates all

Who bows to Apollo’s oracle, eagle that guides
us, seawracked fools, to elements human, fathomable
like harpist’s fingers, eyes closed, glide over
orchard of strings that epic Zorba, dance & gaol

Yet craft is not individual, alone.  Nor must it rot
in Alexandria, then gnawed by rats, disintegrate
at mythic crush of syphilitics who could only guffaw

In the empire of our ancestral loves & throes
Poetry, maestro, must turn into hot javelin, arrow
to murder battalion of infidels, troglodytes of Pluto

From Collection/ Rosary of Summer, 1977

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