The call didn’t sound frantic at all,
at least the timbre of her voice
on the other side wasn’t telling her outright
this was bad, as in terrible…
Although things these days had been mad.
Yes, some members had been abducted –
dinukot, snatched, detained?
In Quezon by the usual suspects.
& she felt an old story –
however chilling, cinematic, raw –
was being retold
with disinterestedness of a TV broadcast.
What must be done?
She pressed some numbers
so did the caller & her friends
to start a series of calls
& break the silence of the Palace hall.
She knew it wasn’t enough.
In her mind, this country was hemorrhaging fast
O Those weary & on Prozac
should be pulled out of beds –
No one should be allowed to sleep
No seeker should even ask God.

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