The drifter

Catch, my friend, a flying bullet in the air
like you would a floating butterfly
see the invisible swim of the wind
like a goldfish in the pond
watch the summer flowers incarnadine
wither at the frosty fingers of time
slow down, slow down, slow down…
They who soup up the trusty Mustangs
like Ferraris at the turnpike
in time, in time, in time
when icy bags hang from their eyes
& arms drop heavily on their wives
know that x is nowhere on the map
& you, drawing up beside a road sign,
squint for angels on the clouds
smell the scent of coffee & women
take the punch from the blindside:
There’s only this race, this imaginary life
Slow down, slow down, slow down
The world’s distressingly fast enough
No one, my friend, is going any place
but there where passion’s dream expires
“O life’s a bitch; she’ll burn you like hellfire.”

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3 Responses to The drifter

  1. beatrixpg says:

    finally sir, finally!

    how have u been?

    do u have a separate site for prose?

    blog on! =)

  2. Thanks! How are you? No prose yet. Keep in touch.

  3. beatrixpg says:

    wow, this is great. daan kayo sa blog ko (click lang sa name ko) and post comments. jump into the fray =) puro column entries lang –i try, i try, hihi. take care, sir!

    kamusta life life? (buhay-buhay –hahaha)

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