Zizek’s Problematique (For Sara & her Class)

Yes, you’re a name without signification
If you aren’t real
the heart will make you exist just the same –
Now, see her sipping tea across the table
her soft black eyes skillfully trapping his
The arcane language they speak
entangling his hands that will not leave –
O The walks across the bestial greens
drives against the river’s secrets currents
The rain of storms in interior weather
that ravages all songs
The carnival of strange lovers
who exist in the hollow of his years
& The touch of her flaming lips
humming like the sea in his ears:
That this something in nothing –
The murderer that lurks in lovers’ hearts
The demons who laugh in angels’ harps
The shadow that envelops the sun at noon
Her being before him
is warm as the wheat bread
breaking in her hands
& splintering his soul
in the cusp of the possible & impossible
like the nebula of fireflies
winging across his mind’s corridor:
O The bleat of infants
in the squeak of rocking chairs
O The quickening of blood
in the neon light of evening
Because you are here & are not
Because you are there & are not
Because you are one & many
Because you are never & forever
O Because you are real & beyond configuration.

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