Idol (For Lola Pacing)

Grandma had him, a small child,
in tow, hurrying toward the plaza
where Rogelio dela Rosa, cinema myth,
was on the husting.
He was, along with Carmen Rosales, her favorite:
They would lit up her provincial life
where the droll routine of keeping house
was the order of the day.
But she discreetly stayed at the foot of the bridge
a hundred meters away from the crowd,
& relished the sight of him
who would crash out of his bid
for some alleged fee –
She, who hugged the bible close to her chest,
would finally be relieved
that her idol was there, alive,
a fantasmatic gift
& We trudged solitarily home
her face in some beatific bliss
as though Christ had blessed her with a kiss.
The secret storm had stopped.
Now it’s my turn to follow her path
of also gazing from afar –
These women who up & leave
girls from Ipanema & their Latin beat.

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