Gramsci didn’t source
his Prison Notes
from behind the desk
He helped supply arms
to the Italian workers,
set up Red Guards & factory councils
It was only this way
that truth was fashioned out
of daily practices
of why in the impossible
lies the kernel of the miracle
Something Zizek theorized
not out of thin air
but from the reality of how Stalingrad
organized their futile loves:
He drilled through the stone wall
of fantasy
to make things possible & alive
Calvino was loyal to the iron cause
In anguish he stepped out of the trap
never renouncing however what
was for all the liberative conduct
of the true, the beautiful & the just
& Ka Amado? He who roared
at mousy Lyceum profs
for deserting a funeral rite
will always in historic memory
point to the quarter-storm path.

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