Poem of strange affection

I.  He/She
As is her style, she draws the first blood.
He’s got a survival kit: He looks the other way.
He has started on a very bad slope:
He’s damn too deep in the rocking chair.
This baby loves to call the shot
her silly lovers feign to play her spots
in a game of which she claims
she’s the kung-fu master.
Yes, he knows the bloodsport just as well.
Is there something cooking behind her fiery eyes?
Only a child’s fear of losing the centerstage
No stories there are but her own centripetal self.
Does she see a sadness in the coming years?
She lives for the moment, come hell or high water.
His life’s on hold; he ain’t movin’ out of fear.

II. Memory
Her face that would shake him
from his sleep hour on the hour
is now frayed at the edges,
dissolving in the mist…
He’s amazed – & frightened –
He does not remember her anymore.

III. The holy infidel
She has no heart. She is a hundredfold blessed.

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One Response to Poem of strange affection

  1. Ramon Rocha says:

    sir edel, si ramon rocha IV po ito from your English10 class, MTH 230-4pm. I’m sorry but this isn’t actually a comment on this particular poem. I just need to know when and how I can get my paper from you so i can revise it then submit it on wednesday. I wasn’t able to get it last tuesday because I was at a math class. Sorry for this, again. I just don’t know how to contact you. I left a note on your door sa FC po.

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