The word assumes a silence
that is of course full of words
that mean this & that
& nothing more.
Yes, everything seems to fall short
of real conversation
because words fail us.
But we drown in the river of words
as if the spoken is a lie,
a betrayal of what we think we mean.
There is no salvation in the saying of words –
But what weapon do we use
against that which oppresses & chokes?
Silence overwhelms
but we must keep on inventing the word
that will smash
the thick glass of air between us.
The task is heroic.
Poetry is a minor matter.

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3 Responses to Words

  1. beatrixpg says:

    sir, i’m writing po kasi my first book on sociocultural theory (si ma’am carol po ang aking critic). can i include this short but beautiful piece in the intro?

  2. Of course. Hi to you and to Carol. Merry Christmas!

  3. beatrixpg says:

    Merry Christmas, Sir. Ingat lagi and please do try to smile more. Just think of Richard Rorty and those things he smugly keeps on saying but really have no meaning — ay matatawa kang talaga kaagad.

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