Dramatis Personae II


First Born
(For Laya)

The morning text is eurphoric:
She’s damn sure she’s having a baby
as if all the troubles in the world –
The genocide in Iraq
The flash flood in Samar
The missing in Bulacan –
have eddied away like sea foam on the shore…
In the heraldic discovery
that she is now what her mother was
years ago,
this force that moves the beautiful cycle
of living & dying:
He must admit he never saw it that way:
A spark of life
against the thick devouring void,
an elemental cry that will forever break
the cosmic silence.
(Or else, we exist like stones)


(For Carol)

She once said
she could not imagine
sharing her bed with someone
until Kai came along –
But gracefully, beautifully
she didn’t have to eat her words.

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