The son

When he returned from LA

to pay his father respect,

there lying comatose

he felt uneasy, unsure.

Some package now & then for the old man,

a few dollars to tide him over

domestic difficulties

because university pay

was too measly to keep body & soul together…

Did they amount to anything

that his heart thought

would compensate for his absence?

But he was left to the care of his mother

He the son was all alone to solve

the riddles of his life while he

who sees nothing but his own shut eyes

was struggling somewhere.

He missed a lot other children had.

Yes, the rule of the blood

cannot be wished away,

but the burden of paying for what he has become

is too heavy a load as he looked at his father –

mute, immobile & left for dead.

Yes, everything is a puzzle

but this time something is bloody sure, defined:

Too late he has returned to his father’s side.

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