The wish

The report was still a gentle slap on her face: ‘Former Argentine President Isabel Peron, widow of President Juan Domingo Peron & third wife, has been arrested for an investigation in the killing of dissidents before 1976 to 1983 military dicatatorship, especially the government’s role in the disappearance of leftist Hector Fajetti in Mendoza province.” It took Argentinians 30 years to make the wheels of justice move. She mumbled: She’s in her 50’s now…The General, like Marcos, may simply die a natural death. O but how she wished memory wouldn’t stop with her. But can she trust the generations to remember her pain & that specifc loss? It has always been so difficult to see the future, even if history is on her side…So she made another wish: That her child’s disappearance be repeated like a mantra.

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