He’s a master of disguises:
A plumber, a carpenter,
a student, a teacher,
a land-owner, an oligarch.
He can be anywhere anytime
to find out how things could be fashioned
according to his own state of mind.
He’s better off drinking
with dictators & bureaucrats:
That’s his metier & religion –
How to sucker up to guys of distinction
who rule the country with an iron hand.
He’s a master of disguises indeed
if everyone is dumb & blind.


He has shaved his moustache
& cut his hair.
He has thrown away his jeans & shirt.
He has turned ideological handyman.
He moves around like a shadow
but held against the sun
he’s quick to vanish from sight
to become air in barracks & secret lairs.
He has many vices & one virtue:
He kills madly when he loves.
He carries a long list of blood deaths.
When he turns visible, he’ll be a tax collector.


He’s not cut out to be a poet,
but he damn performs like one.
He measures things according to reason
& for everyone the collective vision.
He must be slow to anger & passion
or he tempts subjective/adventurist error.
Can he love with singular intention?
He must not, my dear, otherwise
he cannot show multiple directions
for any mode of action & condition.
Surely, he loves deeply like any young gun?
He says so, with his heart on the run.
Yes, he’s not cut out to be a poet.
He’s too organized to be one

(For FQS survivors)

Nadine Gordimer won’t tell you
how you must live.
She can only tell you
she cannot exist
with fascists & dictators
who send writers to jail
or torture them
to betray the word
before exiling or killing them off –
All in the name of freedom
& the people.
Whoever they are,
wherever the bastards may be,
she can only align her voice
with those who refuse
to violate the living.
Nadine Gordimer won’t tell you
how you must live.

She can only tell you
where there are no Gulags
or Guantanamo prisons
there will be no prisoners nor mercenaries;
where there are no state terrorists,
there will be no freedom fighters.
Nadine Gordimer won’t tell you
how you must live.

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