Circular Monologue for Capt. Liza Nowack

… There is so little time. Have to hurry

Out there in space, you can’t be sure of anything.

& you have only the vacuum & your own fears.

Here on land he’s all I’ve got

& no one’s taking him away from me.

People run roughshod across the field:

I won’t allow that bitch to take what’s mine!

The space walk is a helluva feeling

but you can die floating anyway anytime.

What’s there to do, but grab what’s yours?

1500 miles from Houston to

is peanuts. Life is damn short

& if he’s got to be somebody else’s

what’s there left for me?

We always live at risk

All people do.

The earth can’t spin around the sun forever.

Just pushing the button beyond the limits.

There’s so little time. Have to hurry…


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