Recuerdo (for Boni and Nic)

“I feel that, too,” he nods.

Boni was on his way

to move Nic’s memorabilia

out of his room:

he would not come back anymore.

“It’s just a matter of months,”

His voice trailing off.

& going to FC for whatever reason –

recharge, see old friends,

talk about the times & the weather –

is like dragging a heavy chain

up the stairs.

& the kids who drop by

as though Nic were the father

they’ve never had

are just snot-nosed punks

he meets at a way station

then forgets when they leave…

Yes, Nic doesn’t live here anymore,

the closed door says.

Suddenly his absence

hits him like a punch in the nose:

without a common history

stranger it has been

to laugh, cry, banter

with the young ones.

Never has he felt

so alone while walking down

the corridor.

Things are no longer the same

like he has found himself

falling out of love

with a woman

who used to make his heart

skip a beat,

nay, a thousand beats.

Now, she’s just another

pretty face

he gazes at with glassy eyes

& empty sighs

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