Black Hole (for Odine)

So he droned on
the kids flabbergasted
by his pedagogical sneer
why history is a bummer:
People are afflicted with amnesia,
he arrogantly pontificated
as if he had discovered
Yamashita’s loot.
Would a revolution regain its force
as intimately foretold?
We remember only the next meal,
or the next something,
then settle for what the body
could luxuriate in.
What sits beside us,
What’s laid before us
is the reality of the real
& nothing more than energy
sucked in by a black, cosmic hole.
We don’t see beyond our noses.
We heal the wounds of the heart
with a tableau of scars
then journey on
until another woman comes along.
Forgetting is the stuff
of all survival kits –
so he droned on,
his laughable ironies digging
a tunnel under his feet.

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