Slow beat (for Roland)

When the campus march
started to move,
Roland quickly meshed with the group
urging this onlooker to join the parade.
He was a doubting Thomas
& stuck to his guns at the margin,
bidding the young doctor,
sporting a Mohawk hairstyle
that made him out like a punk star,
Had to leave, something urgent he must do…
Was it hundreds of years ago
when last he joined
a lively protest camp?
O they were young & easy under the acacia trees…
He had run out of passion
but still thought he was loyal to the Cause.
O such contradiction would happen
when one hits the road too long
& ages with stones.
The shades would hide him like a ghost.

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One Response to Slow beat (for Roland)

  1. neng says:

    nagasakay na sana si doc sa jepni.
    hinamon ng barok, este mohawk.
    ‘join’ ka nya!
    ‘may gagawin pa raw’,
    ka naman ng isa.

    witnes ako.
    kala mo kaw lang a.

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