Farah Nosh, photographer,
could only keep watch over them –
the children of Baghdad mutilated
in a car bomb blast –
in a rundown ambulance & into the morgue.
She held the camera in her lap,
having despaired to take a shot
of the bloodied corpses –
young, innocent & forever dead –
because she is an Iraqui &
looking at the kids like they were
her own:
the little angels who’d never understand
why the war
would take them so early away
& why, why, why men
love to wage brutal wars & screw
women to breed children
only to see them suffer or die.

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2 Responses to Witness

  1. marius says:

    well-crafted images of violence.

  2. ilang araw ng lumiligid sa utak ko ang imahe dito sa tula ninyo. napakaunsettling. sir, iaadd ko po itong poetry blog niyo sa blog ko. salamat sa mga tula ninyo. :)

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