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7 Poems for the Rainy Season

I (Dreamwork) Last night, he saw them stream out of the winding mountain trail & onto the camp on the plain where they made their beds of twigs, stones & leaves with their safari of animals who dug up holes … Continue reading

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25 Poems for Players of Apocalypse

1. (Provincial) Thomas Mann’s apocalyptic text grips him like a vise: somehow we are trapped in the mindset of the past & it keeps speaking to us through tongues of desire: So when Sarkozy won the presidency over the woman … Continue reading

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12 Poems of Thematic Summation

I (Gangsta Rap) His words are gross but humongously true: “Some women are attracted to bad boys.” Her boylet loves to cock his gun at his temple, then pull the trigger to the blast of his hyena laugh! Or smash … Continue reading

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