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Ka Dan & Other Occasions

1.   The Centennial celebration of the University of the Philippines must necessarily be a high-powered production that befits an apparatus of the government to proclaim its social value relative to its theoretical signification. It must therefore give way to … Continue reading

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The Unholy Terror

  A.   She was asked by the leader: “When will you, reporter, stop writing about fighting in Sulu? Is that all what you reporters are after?”   Earlier in the day, she had been “slapped in the face and … Continue reading

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Science of Sadness

1. A. Was it that time (he was six) when they fetched him in the middle of a sunny afternoon from school to see his infant brother, all swaddled in cotton cloth, & lying on a small table, a candle … Continue reading

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1. The guy in Lubao, Pampanga who held hostage the passenger bus Genesis, where started the parodic tragedy, had the “women strip themselves naked, ordering them to take off their bras & panties” because they are, like his wife, generic … Continue reading

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