Liza del Giocondo,
“mother of five
born into an aristocratic
Florentine family,”
aka Mona Lisa,
whose enigmatic countenance
had puzzled men
through centuries,
could have been secretly
laughing at those who languished
at her feet –
she was a feminist,
claims William Valver,
Did she feign to feast
on male adoration,
wrapping on her pinkie
her imaginary lovers
while allowing them to paw
her body
& becoming visually distant
in her mind…
This wife to a silk merchant
who thought he had bagged
his prized animal?
Should men folk beware of her
O They must – rare is the magnanimous
victor in amorous combat.
How could she have transcended
time & space,
eclipsing the common tale?
A way to survive the patriarchal
as if mockery is key to the game…
O let blood flow
while love is suspended
in mid-air.

Gonzalo Mosca
was a “radical hunted
by Uruguay dictators
& fled to Argentina
where Jorge Mario Bergoglio,
aka Pope Francis,
gave him “safe passage”
& refuge by pretending
to be silent on the military junta.
The way to survive
a cruel regime?
Never to blow one’s cover
in public
by going with the flow
& save some soul
who would openly protest
the brutal militarist blow?
Well, the priests aver,
the Pope was in his own way
a patriot –
a mode of resisting
that didn’t set well with
militants who exposed their hearts
to the evil mob?
A stratagem that beats
activist resistance
who confronted the barrel of the gun?
O Not to show your cards
in the face of impunity,
or survive tumultuous history…
Is this revisionist apostasy,
as claimed by martyrs who perished
in the night of the generals?
O How do you reconcile
biographical accounts
& the fruits of discovery?

Summertime & the sun
burns under his feet.
The trace of smoke
from the leaves that have
turned brown
shoot out of the foliage
of his heart –
& he longs for her
who shall quickly vanish
in summer
where clouds dissolve
into the azure sky.
O Why does his head
ring hollow as the sun
blazes in the air?
Can he seek comfort
in the solitude of stars
inside his room
where voices have died down –
the children gone out
into the field
& grown monstrously overnight?
They who shall disappear
in the air
that wantonly flares?

O If it rains
will his heart open
toward the reckless tempest –
but where is the alcove
to seek refuge –
when flowers of monsoon season
will soak to ruin
the parched terrain.
O Beware of what you ask for –
wise men caution –
& so stranded in the shadow
between sun & moon,
like a rat he scampers
for the ancestral solitude
of lovers fallen
into the void.

Death is always
poised to strike all down.
How can witnesses
dare spin their invincible yarns?
The evil shadows flock
around survivors,
& darkness seeks their eyes.
Always the light in the tunnel
is an orange glow,
but, like the candle, it quivers
in the wind…
Shall they ever learn
not to dare the sun
to strike them with its solar flare?
O mortals stolidly carry on
to surpass the limits of desire
as summer draws
to its end
when leaves drift down
from the boughs
& memories are dry empty nights.
O She always vanishes,
a shadow that morphs
with evening & dawn…

Always a chance encounter
in summer
when the heat grips like a plague
in the air –
& we turn dizzy,
as if the world has gone upside down…
Do we dare plan our lives
when the world widely spins,
then abruptly stops at a dime?
A painter was struck down
in the heat of the night,
leaving his young & innocent children
How could God explain all
these things to the widow
who shall bear misfortune
like a beatitude?
What color shall reign
on the canvas of his essential grief?
His friends refused
to believe he’s gone forever –
this summer of uncertain weather
& portentous thunder.
O Que sera, sera?
O tell it to the marines
who shall suffocate
as the horsemen gallop
strangely on the high way.

Old Merlin didn’t know
math or physics.
But he had a hunch
time & space could be
once upon a time.
“Waves of gravity
that rippled through space
after the Big Bang
had been detected
for the first time,”
scientists report.
“The universe inflated
in the “blink of an eye,”
driving time & space apart;
O this is almost magical,
in the old medieval lore,
that would allow
the idea of schism
of body & soul…
Only in the movies
is this possible
where images could do the trick
theorists simply dream of.
The huge explosion
must have been mind-blowing
if we were to witness
the origin of the universe.
O Necromancers didn’t know
what they were intuiting!
The truth is always
beyond imagining…
Astral travel
& all these psychic phenomena –
How did Einstein
lift the veil over
techno witchcraft?

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