Eduardo Galeano
is 73, Uruguayan writer,
whose book “The Open Veins
of Latin America”,
has sold millions…
He recently declared it himself
that “it was badly written,”
& that “he’s incapable
of tackling the subject.”
He, moreover, is “horrified by
its prose”,
which caught however
the attention of left-wing
campus radicals
overwhelmed by its poetry.
O How they must be shocked
by his declaration,
as putting to naught
their youthful veneration –
O like a lover who saw
his paramour’s stained beauty
& deception?
Could such heart-breaking spiel
be what Zizek calls
the diminution of the Big Brother
who controls the symbolic Order?
As if God was shocked
by his creation in the Adamic
It is as if on his death bed
the patient witnessed his life
unreel like a film
whose images he himself would
never recognize
like the air he couldn’t fathom
in the recesses of his id?
O there is a continuing blindness
to the puppeteer that
makes us move
as if we are alive!

Is truth possible
in the welter of conflicting
Can we see its open face,
this dark void
that escapes recognition?
Quantum physics cannot
dare declare its finitude,
instead tiptoes around
the inexplicable edges
like a vicious dog
that will snap at us
as we move, even with our wiles..
Can we see the rendering
of our life
from the very beginning
like a cinema
that goes back to its
origin, at the flick
of the universal machine?
O is it the transcendental
that pulls the strings
of our heart’s desire?
Ever the perpetual crossroads,
of lies & truths,
we fail, o will always fail
to chart the journey’s route
which is never our own!
O How do we gaze
at her,
the apple of affection,
& insist she’s truly
& forever our heart’s eternal fire?
O How will we let
the secret tears to flow
behind our deluded eyes!

Isabel Allende, Chilean novelist
on exile in California,
would be shocked
at Galeano’s self-inflicted wound:
“I had dinner with him,”
she recalled,
“And said to me he was the same man.”
O How we change,
[the metamorphosis is constant]
as if a second is always
as distant as the star
from another moment –
the first time we utter a word,
do we mean
the same intention as in the final pause?
Is the period the finality
of truth?
Is the man looking
from the depth of the mirror
the same from him
who stands before it?
What of time
that wreaks so much havoc
in a matter of seconds?
Every particle in quantum physics
cannot be mapped out –
it is impossible to fix
a code that will freeze
the infinite movement
of the galaxy within
the constellation!
Everything is in total flux –
Are you always the same
one from birth to death?

“The prose of the traditional left
is extremely leaden
and my physique cannot
tolerate it –
Galeano in his old age declares
o so boldly.
To his detractors
that would be their final
revenge on his fans
who are “idiots losing their bible.”
But the senior citizen
insists he is still the man
“very much of the left,”
having seen the failure
of social experiments
in the “last decade”
in the continent,
& elsewhere.
Was he thinking of the
Castro brothers of Cuba,
Chavez of Venezuela,
Mao Zedong of China
whose term is most
maligned by the present
crop of warriors
& apostates?
Did they foresee the sun
setting on the West?
Did the vision
of global revolution
outrun their dogma
& catastrophic involution?
O did the millions
who heard the siren call
perish with
false conviction?

“Reality has changed a lot –
and I have changed a lot.”
The human condition
is diverse, he averred,
as if to strike a note
of what could be maligned
as perverse revision…
The old patriots
must be turning in their graves –
risk-taking is a loser’s gambit,
the future is always an elusive
Did he insult the
old warriors who perished
on the road,
& denounced by his apostates
from a radical spectrum?
How could he be truthful if he diminishes
their virtuous act
to topple dictators?
O when did he see the light?
O Did Ka Roger & his guerrillas
die in vain
in the solitude of his jungle lair?
Pray, pray, pray
tell us, observer who smirks
at the wayside.

& Now the breaking news –
“Astrophysicists are casting doubt
as to what just recently was deemed
a breakthrough in confirming
how the universe was born!
The observation of gravitational waves
that apparently rippled through
space right after the Big Bang.
But blogs and scientific
US journals
claimed a serious flow in the analysis…”
So it is back to square one.
Are post-modernists pointing
to a non-direction
for the salvation of mankind?
The social experiments
have involved millions
in the name of unorthodox principle.
O should we keep our cool,
like academic philosophers
calmly puffing on their pipes
while sitting on their rocking chair,
murmuring that nothing is nothing,
zero is zero
all things remain the same…
Ever skeptical & uncertain
of all scientific reasoning,
must we hold
to our cherished beliefs?
Like Abraham
who must conjure a God
to whom
we’ll be obedient & loyal like an amanuensis?

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