Asked for his bio by the encoder, Edel E. Garcellano, could only text that he lives with his family in Quezon City, along with Kayenne their cat who recently lost his brother Bugsy. His preface completes whatever is worth knowing about his authorship.



So there, the book “Fashionable Nonsense”, by Sokal & Bricmont who cracked the academic joke that post-modern intellectuals have ignorantly abused scientific theories, turning everything into narratives. It is like a cadaver on his table, & waiting to be opened while his mind races toward his useless anger that having only one subject to teach so far this semester would mean technically having a capuccino once a year! That’s a major disaster for any bourgeois pedant, haha! He still begs for crumbs from the establishment while his former students are fucking around in cosmo style, raking in moolah, & worse, taking up creative writing courses because they think, they type, they shit, & therefore they have something to say?

It was summers ago when they – the future of his past – hoved into view but as quickly dissolved among the waves. He thought what madness was that but he felt idiotically theatrical. Anyway, he is now looking at a fiery red horizon where voices from the distant bank echo & as suddenly as the sounds mute into sheer sighs, the faces at the end of the ocean melt into dots, slowly beading into one rugged line of cloudy shadows. The moon quickly rises, & its soft stream of light turns everything into apparition.

Something he knows has been irretrievably lost: What is it he can’t put his finger on?

Is it sadness? Everyone is in the business of it. Is it despair? It’s just a jive if you ain’t got the money.

But isn’t he deep into the professorial crap of “connecting with the young?”

The young turks have aged, but somewhat contaminated by the very ways of First World living. Worse, he has known some die at the hands of fascists who keep multiplying & keep coming back like those Hollywood zombies. Everything is a hassle game, it seems, where bogeymen become bigshots & licensed texters of the muse: This is the fashion these days. A Ph. D. in poetry? The poem itself is the final arbiter that makes & unmakes poets.

& so this blog.

44 Responses to PREFACE

  1. xbrain says:


    Nice Story..keep it up

  2. Tara says:

    What can I say? I think this (preface) is precise… hehehe :) For someone who ranted about being slow on technology, I think you definitely caught up. I love the site… This definitely rocks… I can’t say though if it’s “you” yet. But the words… Ha! They remind me so much of how things were 6 years ago… they were good memories. :)

  3. edel says:

    where are you? please contact me,

  4. Dell says:

    Hello sir, nice to finally see (read) you again. Kahit na wala na akong churva sa Peyups. Your site is actually refreshing. Por dat more power! :)

    PS: Beso :)

  5. jen says:

    Pwede po ba namin gamitin yung tula nyong “Icon” sa teaser namin para sa JMS Lecture Series? Salamat po. :)

  6. JPaul says:

    Kamusta na po kayo?


  7. leo laurente says:

    i guess nothing can be more “establishment” than the legal profession so i’m getting a great kick in the nuts reading just the preface to your site. it’s been nine or ten odd years, and a lot has changed since last we sat in your cw 140 class.

    know though that more than the critical thinking (what the f__k is that?!), more than the intellectual rigour (not rigor mortis, thankfully) more than all the critiques you shared on our work and the world in, and most especially outside the classroom, what we (well, i, but i can speak pretty acurately for by peers) will remember the most is your admonition for us to just keep even a little part of that person who cared/struggled/was indignant inside, even while we plod along the wasteland of corporate conformity and intellectual death that is the “real world”. As you aptly put in the foreword to Lingua Franca’s first attempt at a journal, “patuloy lang kayong sumagwan sa ilog ng buhay”.

    Pakita ka naman sa mga LF gatherings sir, miss ka na namin.

  8. tyn borja says:

    hi sir! nice to hear from you in a pseudo kind of way. your preface is vintage edel – which i sorely miss – now that i’m too caught up in the rat race. it’s been what, 7 years?!!? it’s good to know that you’re still churning out nuggets of wisdom to upstarts like us like you used to. miss u po and keep ’em coming.

  9. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  10. Melina says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  11. Edel says:


    Nice to hear from you, too. I see you’re as lovely as ever.


  12. leighkeiruff says:

    Magandang araw. Nakabasa na po ako ng mga naisulat niyo. Bakit po mahirap basahin mga sinusulat nyo? Pumutok ugat ko sa utak. hahaha. Pero ayus naman. Atsaka tanung ulit, may planu po ba kayong tapusin yung “Maikling Imbestigasyon…”?

  13. Edel says:

    Salamat sa tangkilik. Balang araw kapag may panahon. Ito ay mabilisang pagsulat lamang. Iyun na lang siguro.

  14. charm valenzuela says:

    sir edel! malapit na ko maging duktor! i know this isn’t the proper venue, but i just had to drop in and say hello. 4 na taon na yata mula noong huli tayong uminom nang sosyal na kape na magkasama. how can i contact you sir? i’ve changed my cell phone number more than once in the last four years. i’m regretting not keeping in touch… i do hope everything’s well with you. i haven’t forgotten, i’m to be your personal doctor someday. =)

  15. Edel says:


    You’ve made the right decision to be a doctor. My e-mail is I’ll give you my cellphone number there.

  16. machina says:

    bakit ho hindi na kayo nagpo-post sir? Tsaka kung may marerekomenda po kayong magandang basahin. salamat

  17. Just posted the latest. I don’t know what to recommend. Das Kapital?

  18. Jen says:

    Hi Sir.

    Kumusta na po? :)

  19. Jen, kitakits na lang. I-text mo ako.

  20. haha. das capital? subukan ko po. naisip ko mas contemporary sana.

  21. Nadine Gordimer is one hell of a good writer. Ty. Just kidding about Das Kapital, really.

  22. Pasyon, E.C. says:

    haha. we recently formed a reader’s circle, the maginhawa book club. eco’s how to travel with a salmon is our first book. hope it’ll match gordimer.
    tuloy tuloy lang tayo! happy

  23. dear sir edel,

    mukhang mas mabilis pa kayong macontact dito kesa sa email, hehehe. sana po’y ‘lumikha’ (?!) na rin kayo ng fiction. lagi po akong nagbabasa dito, pero as always, mahirap ka talagang lubusang maabot, hehehe. sana nga po pala may comment akong makuha from you. mahal nga po pala magpa-courier ng libro, kaso wala naman po akong kilalang pwedeng magdala ng copy ng book sa UP para sa akin. so heto na lang po, i posted the preface to the book on my blog. thanks po sir, and please please write more fiction? hehehe. i’m trying my best to locate copies of your fiction books. haay. looks like i’m bound for the palanca library -drat! hehehe. ito po yung preface dun sa aking libro:

    salamat sa lahat sir, sana makadalaw ako sometime soon sa UP. ingat kayo at hello kay tita chats.


  24. erick aguilar says:

    sir edel,

    kelan ulit tayo magkakape? natu(a)wa ako dun sa das kapital mode! haha.

    so you! joke!


  25. erick aguilar says:

    para kay beatrix gulas,

    bilang mo lang sa iyong mga daliri ang bibili ng libro mo kung sakali. sabagay, mas mahirap mag-simplify kaysa mag-intellectualize…

  26. Edel,

    My name is Christopher K. Travis. In your ideology post, you commented about my work

    I am honored to have a poet find what I am doing interesting. In addition to my work in the architecture firm and Internet business (Truehome – the psychological process we use that was discussed in the New York Times), I am also a poet. Perhaps I could share one with you.

    The Morning Like A Cheerful Child

    By Christopher K. Travis

    She sings as she awakes,
    the morning like a cheerful child,
    humming before her eyes are open.
    And I…I with my complaints
    and creaking limbs,
    like the oak and ash, leap into flame.

    The forest and I burn
    to hear her voice,
    so sweet and nonsensical.
    I am remade.

    Some days she pouts,
    and will not lift her song,
    like a fi rst light fl ight of splendor,
    above the shivering leaves.

    I stumble in my hollow shoes,
    not understanding.

    Sometimes I wake to her tears.
    Oh musty, humid heart!
    Oh, sheets of sorrow!
    Oh weeping, thundering fog.
    How she wallows in her distress.

    Then she comes like a silver bell,
    ringing birdsong into crystal.
    Beams of light,
    through the arching limbs,
    shout like angels.

    Each breeze a caress,
    each breath a journey,
    each moment fused destiny.

    Oooh… I take her in my arms,
    as my child and mother,
    and rock her, rock her, rock her.

    Oh, oh, oh…my love, my precious one,
    and I stroke her hair across the heavens,
    and lay my trembling hand
    upon her cheek…
    and then…at last…

    I let her go,
    that she may grow into the day.

  27. Thank you. Keep on sending.

  28. abetumil says:

    Ayon, natagpuan din kita rito.

    Kapitblog tayo rito sa WordPress.

  29. Nakita ko rin ang blog mo.

    Okey lang.

  30. abet says:

    Basabasa muna ako :-)

  31. Jen says:

    Sir Edel,

    Kumusta po? Pwede ko ba kayo mayaya na magkape?

    Ingat po!

    • Edel Garcellano says:

      RE: coffee. Ngayon ko lang nabuksan ang site. OK lang. Itanong mo kay RC ang aking new text number. Salamat. Payat ka na raw. Iwan mo na ang trabaho mo. Pabyaan mo na ang bayan.

      • le nineng (ang dalaga) says:

        creepy ka manong edel a. hehe!
        hayaan nyo na si jen, magegets nya rin ang buhay.
        tataba rin yan pag nafigure-out nya na ang sarili at
        ang kanyang disposisyon. bayan pa rin! charot. ;-)

  32. mutuelle says:

    Je vous conseille de lire un site qui parle de mutuelle

  33. Shari says:

    Hi Sir! Kumusta po? I hope you can still remember me, Shari. From your summer 2010 English11 class :) Glad to know that you’re keeping a blog ’cause now I’ll get to read you Sir! Hehehe. Ingat po!

  34. le nineng (ang dalaga) says:

    kakaibang corner ito sa internet a. haha!

    disturbing ang prosesong pinagdadaanan ng paglikha: puno ng lungkot, sarcasm, pagkamuhi sa mundo to the nth power. manong edel: gumawa ka naman ng mga tulang nakapagpapangiti: yun bang may old country spirit na relatable pa rin naman sa mga “young students”- anyway, hindi na naman mabenta yun sa mga kaedad ko. pero bilang tagatangkilik ng iyong forma at esensya, gusto ko lang bang mag-demand. haha!

    pero, kung may debate ka naman kaugnay sa request ko: okey lang din. para naman may matutunan uli ako. hehe! wish ko yan para sa isa na naman crisismas na darating.

    hangad kong nasa mabuting lagay kayo palagi. ;-)

  35. nelson Navarro says:

    Hi Edel!

    This is Nelson Navarro from long ago but not very faraway. I’ve just finished writing the bio of Doc Prudente and want your prmission to quote your In Memoriam in his honor. It so beautifully captures the spirit of the man and what he lived for…All the best,


  36. She's Joizz says:

    Hi Sir, fan mo ako. Dati pa. Hehe. :-)

  37. deelaytful says:

    SIR EEEEDEEEEL! Kumusta po? Glad I rediscovered your blog. :-)


  38. Emil Mallari says:

    Pagpupugay sa isang dakilang manunulat. Paalam, Sir Edel!

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