Chen Zhou Zhang would badger authorities,

where is his corpse so we could bury him?

He is still waiting for news about his father,

“a retired teacher who lived in northwest Beijing.”

On August 27, 1966, Red Guards

descended upon their homes,

they used to own

a hectare of land and therefore a landlord?

But they had long given it up.

His father was strictly working class,

a barely educated boiler operator;

his mother washed clothes for extra cash.

His father was beaten to death

by militant state troopers

for being an ideological enemy:

(a Red Guard once confessed that

she felt guilty about the times).

In Manila, the millennials would line up

behind the son of the dictator

who never owned up to the crime

that they have looted millions

when they scooted out of the palace…

But survivors have a different narrative of facts

[President Xi Jinping would take a leaf;

however from the Cultural Revolution,

this mode creating the powerful legacy

of personality cult:

all would-be fascist

could take heed

from the euphoria of

setting up peace & order! ]

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