It’s like a lottery. My men draw lots & he who gets the shortest straw,
for instance, gets to lead the pack. It’s his decision what to do with the target.
Nah, they don’t know the guys they’ll round up. We only see to it that these felons are identified: they’re such troublemakers; they make things so difficult.
If they knew them, my guys would flinch. I don’t like that. They should treat the whole job as a purely business proposition. No pain, no gain. In business there are risks. Spread the guilt so everyone feels good? Haha! That’s cute. My guys are not animals! They believe in God, pray the rosary, too. They are obedient, loyal – virtues Jehovah instills in His flock. If everything is treated, say, as a raffle, then destiny – not me – should be blamed. Would you curse your fate?
You cannot spit on your own face. Of course, they have choices: but God demanded of Abraham the sacrifice of Isaac. He was willing to do that – slit him up. But God backed out. & that’s the difference between me & the Lord. I pursue everything to its logical conclusion.

They just do it – I hate to use the word kill, it’s not true. We sleep soundly at night because we have done nothing wrong. God has commanded us not to spare the sword in battling evil.

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